Edible Flowers – Pansy

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Pansy is a herbaceous plant, which is found near forests, moist watersides, hayfields, clearings, slopes, and rocky regions, especially in the hillsides and the subalpine area. Its stem is short, about 20-30 cm, green colored and covered in fine puff. The leaves are oval, elongated. The flowers have light or white colored superior petals and white, yellow or bluish-purple lateral petals. They have no fragrance.

pansy plant The plant blooms in May till August, and it resists in low temperatures but does not tolerate higher temperatures in the summer. It develops well in clayish-sandy, permeable soils which are rich in nourishing substances.

Only the petals of these composite flowers are edible. The pollen of composite flowers is highly allergenic and may cause reactions in sensitive individuals. Sufferers of asthma, ragweed, and hayfever should not consume composite flowers, and may have extreme allergies to ingesting any flowers at all.

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