The Community Gardens aims to develop a dedicated web-based resource for information relating to gardens and other green open spaces and to make this information freely available.

We recognizes that a sustainable food system is the foundation of a healthy community.

Our Mission:

To work with people to grow more food in the region because growing food locally is vital to a healthy community and environment. Our programs and services get individuals and families active in growing, sharing, buying and eating local foods.

Our Vision:

We envision our community abundant in food, and our culture and economy respectful of our dependence on the earth’s resources for survival.

A community garden is a single piece of land gardened collectively by a group of people. Community gardens are parcels of land divided into small plots for local residents to grow their own flowers, fruit and vegetables. Community gardens owe their existence to the energy of residents.

Community gardens provide fresh produce and plants as well as satisfying labor, neighborhood improvement, sense of community and connection to the environment.They are publicly functioning in terms of ownership, access, and management, as well as typically owned in trust by local governments or not for profit associations.

A city’s community gardens can be as diverse as its gardeners. Some grow only flowers, others are nurtured communally and their bounty shared, some have individual plots for personal use, while others have raised beds for disabled gardeners.

Community gardens may help alleviate one effect of climate change, which is expected to cause a global decline in agricultural output, making fresh produce increasingly unaffordable. Community gardens encourage an urban community’s food security, allowing citizens to grow their own food or for others to donate what they have grown. Advocates say locally grown food decreases a community’s reliance on fossil fuels for transport of food from large agricultural areas and reduces a society’s overall use of fossil fuels to drive in agricultural machinery.